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All guests MUST follow our COVID-19 Safety Policies.
Think they’re too strict? If so, please visit us again when this pandemic is over.
I owe a duty of care to my family, my employees and my customers. I will remain overly cautious to protect them.

Farmer Morris

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Fall Strawberries – fair to good supply
Apples –  McIntosh, Gala, Honeycrisp, Empire and Cortland – good supply
Fall Raspberries – fair to good supply
Pumpkins – good supply

Coming soon:
Apples -Ida Red, Ambrosia
…… and then….WINTER!!

Here’s how PYO will operate, in order to comply with safe operating guidelines provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the Ontario Ministry of Health and numerous Health Units across the province.  

No reservations required.

We require everyone entering the picking fields wear a mask at all times. Wearing of gloves is NOT permitted.

If you are not comfortable without your gloves, or you are not comfortable wearing a mask, then you’re welcome to order on-line for curbside pickup, or else try our new drive-thru.

All farm staff will be wearing masks.

Approach the PYO Entrance Hut where you will be greeted by a staff member who will ask everyone to complete our Covid-19 Self Declaration Assessment.

If your answers are all “No” to the Self Declaration Assessment, you will then sanitize your hands before entering the field. This is a MUST. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

We will provide clean unused baskets for picking. Currently, you CANNOT bring your own containers.

Crops will be sold by basket and not by weight, in attempt to reduce lines and points of contact.

Pay before entry. No cash. Debit or credit card payment only.

All persons ages 6-96 must purchase a basket if picking fall strawberries to enter the strawberry fields.

For apples the minimum requirement is one Peck Basket per picking group of no more than 5

For those wishing to pick both apples and fall strawberries only those who purchase a picking container for strawberries will be allowed to enter the strawberry fields – all other will be asked to wait or return to the entrance.

Peck basket (holds between 10 – 15 lbs)      $20 per group (max group of 5)
Please note all apples must fit in the baskets provided, not pockets, purses, bags, backpacks and no outside containers
1L      $6
2L     $11
4L     $20
4+ 4L $18 (each)
Please note all pickers between 6 and 96 must have a picking container provided to enter the strawberry field. Apple basket does not count as a container as it is a shared container
Fall Raspberries:
Pint     $5 (only available to those picking apples)
1L         $9 (only available to those picking apples)
4+ 1L   $8 (each – only available to those picking apples)
Flat (12 half pints) – $30.00 available to everyone
There are 2 ways to pick pumpkins
  1. If you are picking any other crop and wish to pick pumpkins, jack-o-lantern size are $8 per pumpkin, or any 3 for $20. Pie pumpkins are $1.75 each
  2. If you are only picking pumpkins then there is a $20 minimum charge to choose any 3 jack-o-lantern pumpkins for $20 (per family up to 5 people). Pie pumpkins are $1.75 each.

We ask that pickers come in groups of 5 or less and from the same household. This will allow more families the opportunity to enter the fields during this time of social distancing.

Maximum 2 children aged 12 and under per adult.

Raspberry containers may only be used for raspberries

Strawberry containers may only be used for strawberries.

Apple containers may only be used for apples.


Load sanitized wagon, while maintaining social distance. Strawberry field is approximately a 10 minute wagon ride each way. Apple orchard and raspberry field are about 20 minutes each way.

All guests must sanitize their hands before picking. Sanitizer is provided.

Pick your berries and veggies. SOCIAL DISTANCE MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES. Pickers will be assigned to rows that will allow them or their family group to maintain a safe distance from other pickers.

NO SAMPLING. Bummer. We know. But this whole COVID-19 thing is a bummer. As soon as things get back to normal, we hope to be able to return to our normal policy, which acknowledges that sampling a few is part of the fun!

Persons not respecting our policies may be asked to leave. No refund will be issued.

Return via sanitized wagon, get in your vehicle and head on out to enjoy the fruits of your labour! And stay well. And thanks for helping us all stay well – our farm family and your family too!

Open rain or shine! However, the fields are closed in the event of lightning or severe weather in the area.

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