Daily Updates

July 1, 2020

Daily Updates

If you are SICK, or UNWELL please visit the farm another time. THANK YOU for helping to keep our community healthy.
All guests MUST follow our COVID-19 Safety Policies.
Think they’re too strict? If so, please visit us again when this pandemic is over.
I owe a duty of care to my family, my employees and my customers. I will remain overly cautious to protect them.

Farmer MorrisCOVID-19 PYO STR
Pick Your Own Strawberries are now in season!  Details here
Pick Your Own Asparagus and Peas are in season! Details here

Picking Conditions:

Strawberries – very good supply
Regular and Sugar Snap Peas – very good supply

Farm Market:

Ready picked strawberries are now available in the market, at our drive- thru, or for curbside pick up

1L $7

6L Flat $34

#1 Asparagus sells for $4.99/lb

buy a 5lb bag  for $23.95 ($4.79/lb) 

buy a 10lb bag for $45.90 ($4.59/lb)

#2 asparagus is now in limited supply and sells for $3.99/lb

Our own new potatoes, and regular & sugar snap peas are now in!

We have our own and local honey, preserves, frozen fruit, frozen and home baked pies and homemade frozen meals. Ontario rhubarb is now in good  supply. We carry Ontario hot house tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers, as well as Ontario onions and carrots from the Holland Marsh and local Ontario apples.

We have a limited supply of asparagus roots, and raspberry plants.

During Covid-19 you have three ways to shop at the farm

  1. Market – has been configured for safe shopping while pandemic concerns remain
  2. Drive-Thru – order from the market using our new DRIVE-THRU
  3. Order online and use Curbside Pickup

Stay well, and I hope to see you soon,

Farmer Morris