Daily Updates

September 20, 2020

Daily Updates

If you are SICK, or UNWELL please visit the farm another time. THANK YOU for helping to keep our community healthy
All guests MUST follow our COVID-19 Safety Policies.
Think they’re too strict? If so, please visit us again when this pandemic is over.
I owe a duty of care to my family, my employees and my customers. I will remain overly cautious to protect them.

Farmer Morris


Fall Strawberries – fair to good supply
Apples – Sunrise, Zestar! (light supply), McIntosh, Gala and Honeycrisp – good supply
Fall Raspberries – fair to good supply
Pumpkins – good supply

Coming soon:
Apples – Cortland, Empire, Ida Red, Ambrosia

Peck Basket (holds between 10 – 15 lbs) $20 per group (max group of 5)
Please note all apples must fit in the baskets provided, not pockets, purses, bags, backpacks and no outside containers
1L $6
2L $11
4L $20
4+ 4L $18 (each)
Please note all pickers between 6 and 96 must have a picking container provided to enter the strawberry field. Apple basket does not count as a container as it is a shared container
Fall Raspberries:
Pint $5 (only available to those picking apples)
1L $9 (only available to those picking apples)
4+ 1L $8 (each – only available to those picking apples)
Flat (12 half pints) – $30.00 available to everyone
There are 2 ways to pick Pumpkins
  1. If you are picking any other crop and wish to pick pumpkins, jack-o-lantern size are $8 per pumpkin, or any 3 for $20. Pie pumpkins are $1.75 each
  2. If you are only picking pumpkins then there is a $20 minimum charge to choose any 3 jack-o-lantern pumpkins for $20 (per family up to 5 people). Pie pumpkins are $1.75 each.

Farm Market:

Our own Honeycrisp, Sunrise, Zestar!, McIntosh and Gala apples

Grounder apples for deer hunters now available to order here 

Our pumpkins are ready as are our Porch Packages.

Ready picked fall strawberries are in good supply
1L $7,
Flat (6L) $34

Ready picked fall raspberries are in limited supply and while supplies last
$3.50/half pint
$34/ Flat

Our own gourmet sweet corn is in good supply

Our own new potatoes, onions and green & yellow beans are now in

Bushels of our own field tomatoes are in good supply. 

Bushels of our own roma tomatoes are in very limited supply now at the farm, or can be ordered using curbside pickup

Bushels of San Marzano tomatoes are available in very limited supply, and can ONLY be reserved by using curbside pick up. Here’s where they can be reserved 


Ontario pears, plums, nectarines and grapes  from Niagara are now available

Freestone peaches for canning are in limited supply.

We carry Ontario hot house peppers & cucumbers, as well as Ontario carrots and beets from the Holland Marsh.

We have our own and local honey, preserves, frozen fruit, frozen and home baked pies and homemade frozen meals.

During Covid-19 you have three ways to shop at the farm

  1. Market – has been configured for safe shopping while pandemic concerns remain
  2. Drive-Thru – order from the market using our new DRIVE-THRU
  3. Order online and use Curbside Pickup

Stay well, and I hope to see you soon,Farmer Morris