Frequently Asked Questions

Is the farm organic?

No. However, Barrie Hill Farms is committed to producing the finest quality fruits and vegetables in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Read more about our environmental policy.

Why is locally grown food a wise environmental choice?

For a variety of  reasons. Click here to find out more.

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Yes. Cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard are accepted methods of payment.

Is smoking permitted?

Yes and No. Smoking is permitted in the parking lot area only. For fire safety and food safety reasons, no smoking is permitted beyond the parking area.

Are there baby changing facilities?

No. Most of our customers change their babies in the comfort of their own vehicle.

Can we bring our pets?

No. For everyone’s safety (our farm pets included!) and food safety, pets are not permitted in the picking fields or the market area. A working guide dog, in harness, is the exception.

We are not located on a busy highway. Customers traveling with their pets are able to walk their pets (and give them a “pit stop”) very comfortably on our quiet country road or in our designated pet exercise area.

Can we bring a picnic lunch?

Yes. While coolers and picnic lunches are not permitted in the picking fields, we have picnic tables located in a shady area near the main entrance. Cold water and soft drinks are available from vending machines.

We don’t have any picking containers. Do you have baskets available?

Yes. We have baskets available for sale at the check in area.

Can we bring our own containers?

Yes. All of our pick your own crops are sold by weight. If you bring your own containers we will weigh them before you enter the field, and deduct their weight from the cost of your produce when you check out.

I picked lots of berries and veggies. What is the best way to store them?

Always sort and use any bruised or damaged berries as soon as possible in sauces, purées and jams.


Strawberries: Store uncovered or loosely covered in refrigerator. Wash and rinse. Hull just before serving or freezing.

Raspberries: Remove from container, place on flat trays in a single layer in refrigerator, enjoy within 2 days. It is important not to wash until just before serving.

Blueberries: Best stored in a shallow well ventilated container, they will last 1 week or longer. Wash just before serving.


Fruit: All berries can be placed on flat trays in a single layer and placed in your freezer. Be sure to hull the strawberries first. When frozen, place in freezer bags, seal, label and date. These berries can even be used individually, if desired for special desserts, smoothies, or on cereals all year long.

Vegetables: Peas and beans can be frozen. Wash and cut the ends off snow peas and green and yellow beans. Take the regular peas out of their pods (or have them shelled in our automatic shelling machine)! Blanche the vegetables in boiling water for about 1 minute. Place in freezer bags and draw out the air. Seal, label and date bags and place in freezer. Use throughout the year or on their own, in stir frys, soups or stews.