Pick your Own FAQ

Do all pickers need to wear a mask?

Yes. We’re all in this together. And hopefully the pandemic is nearing the end. Let’s just get this over and done with!! Because it’s really difficult to ensure 100% social distancing, and because so many people are coming to the farm, we are asking that everyone continue to wear a mask for now. We understand that this might not be possible for some younger pickers 2 and under, and therefore we will not be insisting in such cases. We will continue to monitor public health advice, and will lift the mask requirement as soon as the authorities tell us it’s safe to do so.

Why does everyone age 6-96 need to purchase a basket to go picking?

To help us create enough social distance for everyone. Even though our fields are large, to accommodate people who aren’t picking would prevent others from entering, and prevent us from harvesting our crops in a timely manner.

Why are groups limited to 5 persons?

Because that’s the guideline set out by government when pick your own farms were allowed to open. It’s really to make social distancing easier, in an attempt to keep us all safe and end this pandemic for once and for all. And to allow more families the privilege of a  berry picking outing during these trying times. Please remember it is a privilege, not a right, to pick berries. You are invited as a guest onto our farm, providing you follow our safe picking practices. Those not agreeing with, or not wishing to follow these practices will lose their  invitation and be asked to leave.

Why only 2 children per adult?

Same as above. Additionally, kids are full of energy, and it’s only natural for them to get excited when they get to the farm. One adult hand per child will make it easier to keep our future generations safe.   

I’m a single parent with more than 2 children. Or a family with more than 5 people. What do you suggest?

Be creative. Invite a friend, grandparent(s) or another adult (from your “bubble”) to come with you, and check in as a group of 5 or two separate groups. You’ll be able to pick nearby each other, and will still be able to have “one hand per child” in order to keep everyone safe. 

Why no sampling?

Because of government guidelines which permit us to remain open. As soon as the pandemic is over we will return to our normal policy, which acknowledges that tasting a few berries is part of the fun of picking your own. 

What about toddlers? Can they sample? 

No. For everyone’s safety – the toddler’s included – sampling is not allowed. If you don’t think you will be able to restrain your child in the field, then we suggest bringing a stroller or a back-pack carrier. This way the child won’t be able to taste any berries until you get back to the car, but will still be able to be a part of your family outing. 

Can I bring my own containers?

Yes, you can bring your own baskets (from last year or any basket clearly marked 1L, 2L or 4L). The Canadian Food Inspection Agency states that there is currently no evidence that food or food packages can be a source or route of transmission of COVID-19. You will receive a $1 discount off for each 2L or 4L basket you bring. No discounts are offered on 1L containers.

Will washrooms be available?

Yes. For emergency use only. We recommend that you make every effort to avoid needing to use toilet facilities during your visit.

There are rental toilets (including one handicap unit) in the parking area of the pick your own fields. These units will not be cleaned and sanitized by our staff. It will be maintained by the providing company. Use at your own risk, and only if absolutely necessary.