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Farm Workers

Here at the farm, we have been hiring workers from Mexico since 1989. The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program is essential to not only Barrie Hill


Bees There always seems to be quite a lot of news about declining bee populations. Here at the farm, we aren’t experiencing anything of the

The Farm Has NOT Been Sold

Rumours. For many years, people have been telling me that they have heard rumours that the farm has been sold. Now that we’re finally into

First Day of Spring!

The farm is up and running again and today is the first day of spring! Last Thursday, we welcomed four of our most senior workers back

Will Ontario Buy Ontario?

What does Farmer Morris do in the winter? Today I’m in downtown Toronto attending a Greenbelt sponsored seminar discussing how Ontario’s healthcare sector can purchase

What do you do in winter – part 2

This weekend, with the help of my two younger children, I made some nest boxes for American Kestrels, which are small falcons that prey on

What do you DO all winter?

That’s the most frequent question I’m asked once the farm is closed for the season. What do you do all winter? So as a new

Best Spots to Eat Local in Barrie

With our abundance of farmers markets in the Barrie area, eating local in the summer is an easy and delicious task. Once winter arrives it

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Slow Roasted Candied Tomatoes

This Solo Roasted Candied Tomatoes recipe is as simple as cutting the tomatoes in half and drizzling with olive oil, a titch of sugar, salt,

Thai-Lime Pasta Salad with Shrimp
Thai-Lime Pasta Salad with Shrimp

Thai-Lime Pasta Salad with Shrimp has colorful collection of flavorful ingredients. The spicy dressing adds a deliciously fresh kick to the dish. To make it