Three Generations of the Gervais Family – Spring 2010

Adrien and Evelyn Gervais purchased the farm in 1968 and grew tobacco until 1979.Getting out of the tobacco industry, strawberries were the first crop, beginning in 1977, followed by blueberries, raspberries and asparagus in the mid 80’s. By the 90’s the blueberry fields had grown to 40 acres, making Barrie Hill Farms one of the the largest highbush blueberry farms in Ontario. The farm continues to offer customers new and exciting products. For instance, in 1999 peas and green & yellow beans were added to our list of crops.

The farm is still family owned and operated. Adrien and Evelyn’s older son Morris operates the farm.

The success of Barrie Hill Farms over the years, is due to Adrien & Evelyn’s foresight, work ethic and dedication to family and farm. It is also a result of the loyal support of our customers and community. Morris hopes to be able to continue farming for many years to come, and perhaps a third generation will one day be able to grow fruits and veggies and care for the land.

Barrie Hill Farms in 1968 and 2002

Barrie Hill Farms in 1968                                                                                 2002

An aerial photo of the farm as it was when the Gervais family established Barrie Hill Farms as a tobacco farm in 1968 and as it is now. Notice the 8 large kilns that were used to dry the tobacco. Today, the area where the kilns once stood is the parking lot for our pick your own customers.

(2002 aerial photo provided by Eye in the Sky)