Only 30 more sleeps!!!

Introducing your 2014 strawberries!!!! It’s usually around 30 days from blossom to fruit (only 30 more sleeps). So, unless this heat persists, we don’t expect to have strawberries in good supply until June 24-28th. Mother Nature is a fickle business partner and not always the easiest to deal with. This year good things will come to those who wait.Strawberry blossoms

Asparagus Season is Here!

After a long and cold winter the first taste of spring has finally arrived! We’re open seven days a week now with fresh picked asparagus daily! Hope to see you soon. Happy Spring!!

Finally Warm Weather in the Forecast

At long last, there are some seasonal temperatures in the forecast. We might even have some asparagus a little before May 15 if the predictions are correct! Stay tuned…. I’ll keep you posted.

Farmer Morris

Planting Strawberries

Finally some nicer weather! It’s a great day to start planting strawberries. The plants we’re planting today will be ready for harvest in June of 2015. 10247235_762989257068018_1721274424014055958_n

Slow spring

I’m happy with this slow spring for a couple of reasons:

  • Hopefully when it finally warns up, it will stay warm. That will mean no frost on the asparagus or berry blossoms – which means great growing conditions, excellent quality and a bountiful harvest! We’ll remain patient and keep our fingers crossed.
  • It is easier to keep on top of all the things that need to be done around the farm in spring. A couple of years ago, when spring came way too early, it was nearly impossible to stay on top of things.

We are going to plant some potatoes today.

Please remain patient! We hope to have some asparagus by May 15. We will keep you posted.

Farmer Morris