Daily Updates

2015 PYO Prices


Blueberries – light to fair supply today – picking should last until early to mid September

Fall Strawberries – fair to good supply today – picking should last until late September or early October

Fall Raspberries – fair to good supply today – picking should last until late September or early October

Sweet Corn – good supply – until early October

Green & Yellow Beans – light supply – until mid September

Tomatoes (Field, roma, heirloom & grape) – fair to light supply

Peppers (Regular, Mini Gourmet and Hot Jalapeno) – good supply


Ready Picked Blueberries – good supply – $6.95 per quart or $25 for a 4 quart basket

Ready Picked Fall Strawberries – fair supply – $4.95 per quart or $28 for a flat of 6 quarts

Ready Picked Fall Raspberries – limited to fair supply – $3.00 per half pint or $32 for a flat of 12

Our own freshly dug new potatoes – good supply.

Our own green & yellow beans – good supply.

Our own sweet corn – good supply – picked fresh daily

Our own cantaloupe and watermelons – good supply daily.

Our own field, roma, heirloom & grape tomatoes – fair to good supply – increasing supply daily

Ontario hot house peppers & cucumbers, fresh herbs, local garlic and lettuce, as well as Ontario onions and carrots from the Holland Marsh.

Pickling cucumbers and fresh dill – FAIR SUPPLY – hopefully better supply in the days ahead

Ontario peaches, plums and grapes


Local honey, preserves, frozen fruit, frozen and home baked pies and homemade frozen meals.