Daily Updates

Pick your own blueberries are in light to fair supply today and sell for $2.99/lb. Ready picked blueberries are in limited supply while supplies last  supply and sell for $6.95 per quart or $25 for a 4 quart basket. Blueberry picking will last until early to mid September.

Pick your own fall strawberries are in good to very good supply today. Ready picked  fall strawberries are in good supply today and sell for $4.95 per quart or $28 per flat.

Pick your own fall raspberries are in good to very good supply today. Ready picked fall raspberries are in good supply at $3.25 per half pint or $35 for a flat of 12.

PYO sweet corn is in good supply daily at $5.99/doz.

PYO tomatoes (field, roma, heirloom, grape and cherry) are in good to very good supply.

PYO pumpkins start Saturday September 20

At the market we also have our own freshly picked sweet corn, green & yellow beans,  and a good supply of freshly dug new potatoes as well as local honey, preserves, frozen fruit, frozen and home baked pies, along with our own tomatoes (field, roma, heirloom, grape and cherry), peppers as well as local Ontario carrots and new crop Ontario apples – Paula Red. McIntosh and Ginger Gold. We also have Ontario peaches and plums from Niagara.