Daily Updates

Monday, August 29th 2016


  • PYO Blueberries are in fair to good supply
  • PYO Fall Strawberries are in light to fair supply
  • PYO Fall Raspberries are in light supply
  • PYO Green & Yellow Beans are in good supply
  • PYO Peppers in good supply
  • PYO Field & Heirloom  Tomatoes are in good supply
  • PYO Roma Tomatoes are in good supply
  • PYO Grape Tomatoes are in good supply

Unfortunately, we cannot welcome parties arriving by motor coach, without prior reservations.

2016 Pick Your Own Prices


  • Blueberries are in good supply $7.25/qt or $26/basket
  • Raspberries are in limited supply $3.00/half pint or $32/flat
  • Fall Strawberries are in limited supply $5.95/qt or $30/flat
  • Our own sweet corn is in good supply $6.50/dozen
  • Our own freshly dug new potatoes and green & yellow beans
  • Our own watermelons
  • Our own peppers
  • Our own field, heirloom, roma and grape tomatoes
  • Our own Zestar! apples
  • Ontario freestone peaches, and Ontario pears, plums and grapes
  • Ontario peppers & cucumbers, & fresh herbs, local garlic as well as Ontario lettuce, onions, leeks, carrots & beets from the Holland Marsh
  • We have our own and local honey, preserves, jam making supplies, frozen fruit, frozen and home baked pies and homemade frozen meals.